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We invest in consumer tech with a focus on underserved markets

We focus on how we care (women’s health, digital health, and childcare), how we live (wellness and sustainability), and how
play (gaming, entertainment, and sports tech). 

Our Superpower

We are business development experts and operators with over 30 years of experience. We source and execute premier revenue generating partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, influencers and strategic HNWI’s for entrepreneurs. 


We’ve done everything from building out an all star advisory board, to raising international strategic capital, to bringing on the right ambassadors, to walking entrepreneurs straight into the key decision makers and executing those strategic growth partnerships. 

Our goal is to help our founders scale not only at the seed stage, when high level business development partnerships can be massively transformative to reach series A, but also as they grow and go international, given our global background and reach.


More Than Capital

We strive to be a different kind of firm, because we believe that in this climate passive capital is antiquated. We aim to be one of our entrepreneurs’ biggest resources through the journey of building their company.

Growth Partnersips

Crafting value-add partnerships with our network of F500s, tech companies and influencers

Strategic Capital

Supporting strategic fundraising efforts from HNWIs, angels, VCs and family offices in key locations

Portfolio Synergies

Connecting companies within our portfolio to facilitate expansion and growth amongst them

Marketing & Talent

Developing digital and influencer marketing strategies and creative insight

Founder Mentorship

Shepherding founders from seed to IPO on leadership, team building and cap table crafting

International Expansion

Facilitating key industry and expertise-based introductions around the world

The Values We Live By

1. The goal is to be valuable

At Muse Capital, we strive to be the most helpful investors on the cap table. We take it upon ourselves to be valuable partners to our founders, helping them through every stage of growth. As our partners always say “The goal is not to be successful. The goal is to be valuable. Once you’re valuable, instead of chasing success, it will attract itself to you.”

2. Diversity fuels outperformance

The data is clear: diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams. Diverse leadership generates more innovation and better business outcomes, and results in superior performance over the long-term. As diverse managers, it is our responsibility to shift the paradigm of high-potential women and multicultural founders from the exception to the norm. 

3. Execution is everything

Having worked with startups for 30+ years from seed to IPO, our partners believe that ideas are a dime a dozen; execution is what sets apart the ones that make it from the ones that don’t. Having the right team both internally and externally is critical to success, from the right strategic investors, to partners who can create and execute game-changing opportunities  to bring the vision to life. 

4. Where profit meets purpose

At Muse Capital, heart matters.  We invest at the intersection of where profit meets purpose. It is equally as important to us that the companies we fund produce returns as they scale, as it is that they move society forward. Our founding partners care on a personal and professional level about our portfolio companies, bringing heart to everything they do, keeping it at the core of Muse's ethos.

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