Kaan Gunay,

Co-Founder of Firefly

​I have raised $50m+ of funding from top VC’s and angels in Silicon Valley and can tell you without reservation that Muse is one of the most helpful investors I have. They have been and continue to be instrumental to help drive revenue for us and position our product more effectively.

Diishan Imira,

Founder of Mayvenn

We loved the Muse teams fresh approach to investing. Their connections to the celebrity world and international network were of great interest to our business. They know exactly who they say they know and put you right in front of the decision maker.

Dave Cotter,

Founder of MessageYes

The Muse team fundamentally changed the trajectory of our company. Their network is incredible and not only that, they were able to leverage those relationships to create significant revenue and valuation increasing partnerships for us. It is incredibly refreshing to have an investor that truly understands the needs of a start up.

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